The Pencil Line Drawing Project

The Pencil Line project began in September 2014 and was set up by artist Rebecca Swindell in partnership with Virgin Trains. The project, which will run until October 2015, creates an online gallery of drawings produced by people travelling on trains. A number of the submitted drawings will be selected for our poster campaign and ebook editions, the first of which will be published in April 2015 and the second in July 2015. They will both be available through this website.

The project will also involve a series of drawing workshops to be held on the train line for community groups. In addition a small number of artists have been invited to respond creatively to the journey from Coventry to Preston. These responses will also be available to view on our Drawing Residency page.

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The Pencil Line is funded by

Artist Group
Train drawings
Train drawings by Artist Group
Rebecca Swindell
Train Ticket Drawings
Train Ticket Drawings by Rebecca Swindell
Rebecca Swindell
Coventry to Preston drawings
Coventry to Preston drawings by Rebecca Swindell
Deborah Aguirre-Jones
Landscape drawings
Landscape drawings by Deborah Aguirre-Jones
Deborah Aguirre-Jones
Portrait drawings
Portrait drawings by Deborah Aguirre-Jones
Val Drayton
sketches by Val Drayton
Georgina Huntley
On Board
On Board by Georgina Huntley
Rebecca Swindell
Birmingham to Coventry
Birmingham to Coventry by Rebecca Swindell


Download the first volume of the e-book ThePencilLine.epub

Download the first volume of the e-book as a pdf ThePencilLine.pdf

Download the second volume of the e-book ThePencilLine.epub

Download the second volume of the e-book as a pdf ThePencilLine.pdf

The ebooks collate a selection of some of the most interesting drawings submitted to The Pencil Line Project, so far. It also gives details about the artist residencies and the work of Virgin trains staff artist, Jill Snowden.

Drawing Pack

The Last of us

Download a drawing pack TPL_drawing_pack.pdf

Download a Drawing Pack and draw something about your train journey. Your drawing can be about anything: perhaps the reason for your journey, the scenery around you, something about your destination, or perhaps those travelling with you.

All images submitted will be shown on our gallery and some will also be selected to be made into two downloadable eBooks and posters to advertise the project.

How does train travel make you feel?

Be brave and share it with us! Part of the beauty of drawing is that it is different to photography. Drawings do not need to look true to life, we want your views rather than perfect life like drawings. Please make strong marks with the pencil as this helps us to reproduce the image to its best quality.

After you have finished take a photo or scan your drawing with your phone and email it directly to us at Please leave your name in the box provided, or feel free to remain anonymous if you wish. You can also write a short title or caption for your drawing in the box provided, and contact details in case your drawing is selected for the eBook or poster competition. We need a wide range of drawings from adults and children, from those who haven't picked up a pencil since school to experienced artists: there is a place for all of us.

Your drawing will appear in less than two weeks.

All images will be shown on our online gallery provided the content is not offensive to any person or groups of people. In submitting a drawing you are giving permission for it to be used on our website, posters, West Coast Trains LTD marketing / advertising or entry into one of our two editions of eBooks, downloadable from April 2015.

Download a drawing pack TPL_drawing_pack.pdf

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