Coventry to Preston by Rebecca Swindell

The artist describes her drawing process on The Pencil Line.

"These drawings, each over 6 metres long, have been produced on the train during the many journeys made on the Coventry to Preston line run by Virgin Trains. The train carriage became a kind of mobile artist studio during this project. The drawings capture the journey's landmarks and people traveling in real time as i drew continually whilst traveling. I enjoyed the background views of buildings, homes and factories, the aspects you don't see from the streets, hidden until seen from the train."

"I have been fascinated by the ways people interact with each other as they travel. Sometimes travellers have shared the reason for their journey or sometimes i have imagined their stories. People use trains for such different reasons; to travel to work, to a family gathering or social occasion, to meet a close friend or perhaps head out on a nervous first date. There are a million stories to be found on the trains each day both real and imagined."